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Do you have questions about the term “KOC” in the field of social media and digital marketing? In the modern marketing landscape, understanding KOC and the distinction between KOC and KOL (Key Opinion Leaders) is important to develop an effective marketing strategy. Let’s explore the details of “What is KOC?” and how to distinguish between KOC and KOL.

What is KOC?

KOC stands for “Key Opinion Consumer” – a popular term in the field of marketing and social media. Considered the “user” version of KOL (Key Opinion Leader), KOC plays an important role in creating influence and spreading the brand’s message. They are not necessarily famous people or have a large number of followers on social networks, but are often ordinary individuals in the online community.

KOC are not only ordinary consumers, but also potential market researchers. They can influence other people’s shopping decisions through sharing opinions, personal experiences and product reviews on social networking platforms. KOCs’ natural and positive interactions with the community increase their trustworthiness, contributing to building brand reputation.

One of the outstanding features of KOC is the ability to create a significant viral effect for the brand. Although it only affects a small group of consumers, the message from KOC can spread and create a natural spread on social networks. This helps brands reach their target audience effectively and increase customer awareness and loyalty.


Roles of KOC workers

KOC (Key Opinion Consumer) stands for Key consumers, they are people who have a certain influence in the market thanks to their honest reviews and sharing about the products and services they have experienced. They have the following key roles:

Share personal experiences and feelings about products and services

KOC uses social media platforms, blogs, websites, etc. to share their honest reviews and feelings about the products and services they have experienced.

These shares help consumers have more information to make more informed purchasing decisions.

Build consumer trust

KOCs are ordinary consumers like potential customers of the business, so their sharing is highly appreciated for its authenticity and objectivity.

When trusting KOC, consumers will tend to trust the products and services that KOC introduces.

Support businesses in collecting customer feedback

Businesses can cooperate with KOC to collect customer feedback about their products and services.

This feedback helps businesses improve products and services and improve customer service quality.

Promote products and services for businesses

KOC can introduce businesses’ products and services to their communities.

This introduction helps businesses reach more potential customers and increase sales.

Create a good brand image

KOC’s positive sharing about the business’s products and services will contribute to creating a good brand image in the minds of customers.


Distinguish between KOC and KOL

KOC and KOL are two terms that are often confused by many people working in the field of communication and marketing. Let’s distinguish them:

KOL term

Before distinguishing more closely between KOC and KOL, let’s see what is KOL?KOL stands forKey Opinion Leader, roughly translated asKey opinion leader. They are individuals or organizations that haveExtensive professional knowledge in a specific field and is trusted and supported by a large number of people.

KOL maybe:

  • Expert: doctors, lawyers, scientists, etc.
  • Famous stars: singers, actors, hot influencers, etc.
  • Journalists, bloggers, etc.

Comparing Board details of KOC and KOL

Specialize Little or no in-depth expertise Have deep expertise
Number of followers Less than KOLs Much more than KOC
Shared content Share your personal experiences and feelings about the product Share knowledge and professional information about the field
Infulence level Impact on small communities Impact on large communities
Trust level High due to authenticity and objectivity May be lower due to advertising factors


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